What is Leadership?

First, leaders should never manage people.  Leaders should always manage strategy.  Let me repeat this. Leaders should never manage people.  Leaders should always manage strategy.

I say this because there are extremely dissimilar skills sets and personality traits between successful leaders and effective managers.  Chief amoug these personalites differences is the is the profound and well documented absence of empathy in founders, visionaries and leaders.

With empathy being a fundamental and core managerial trait.  Leaders want to fire people for ideocentric reasons.  They need to be prohibed from doing so.  In my career, I have had to sidestep CEO's who wanted to fire employees who gave them a ride; changed their printer carterges.  I have had CEO's who interveined on the behalf of the most toxic employees imaginable for again, some idisyncratic reason unrelated to thier actual performance or behaviors in the work place.  Trust me; when all else fails; when incompetence is revealed, an employee's last chance is to kiss the ring of a favored CEO.