We have all had them.  Those dates of dread.  Car Wash Dates give either party a very comfortable exit ramp. 

01 Ouch.

"My hot chocolate on a recent date had me looking into the cup and trying to judge how long it would take my throat to heal if I drank all the hot liquid down in one gulp.  No such pain on a Car Wash Date."


02 Bad (Ok...really bad) First Dates.

""I should have got a car wash."

03 FreeMealers

"I was at a party recently and the discussion turned to internet dating and "freemealers".  The term was explained to me that there are a number of women who use internet dating sites to simply get a free meal by appearing mildly interesting while running up a bill with someone you will never see again.  I laughed at how ridiculous that was.  Then I stopped to ponder.  Damn; I was FreeMealed on more than one occasion!  No dinner or bar bills in a car wash." 

04 It's True

"Everyone I know who met online who they eventually wound up with said that they knew the first time they met that person; they knew." That's why Car Wash Dates works perfect for me."